As a Health Coach, I help you get back to the basic needs of you, by breaking through emotional blocks, to build healthier sustainable habits.


Hi, I'm Tierney ☺

A Holistic Health Coach who studied with the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Kings Cross, London.

Finding balance in life to achieve optimal health, is one of the single most important things you can do and has been a massive part of my journey so far. This is why I love the concept of Health Coaching and the value it brings to people’s lives.

As a Health Coach, I help you focus on the different key areas of your life, to restore balance and harmony within you, your health & your experience in the world.

Together, we help you reach a higher state of being, gaining a deeper awareness of yourself & new approaches to health that works for you.

Together - Let's Go Back To Basics.



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Get back to the basic needs of you and all aspects of your health, by enrolling onto a course of Health Coaching sessions with me.


This package is for you if would like to focus on you, learn more about yourself and balance out the different areas of your life to achieve optimal health.


Together we break through your emotional blocks that are stopping you from experiencing a more fulfilling life.





Are you looking to:

Improve your energy levels, have more glowing skin, manage your weight, experience less bloating, have a renewed mindset towards your daily habits and overall gain a better understanding as to how the common allergens in your every day food and drink choices affect your mind body and skin?

This 4 week reset plan focuses on education around the the common allergens and how they affect our bodies and mindset towards maintaining healthier habits. You focus on whole foods, hydration & exercise while supporting your re-set with 9 plant based nutrition products. I will keep you accountable each week, there is a Facebook group you are welcome to join to successfully complete the reset.

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I offer group workshops for wellness retreats, corporate teams, school groups and community groups, with an aim to improve focus and create equilibrium in all areas of your life. The workshop is 90 minutes and features an ice-breaker, focused attention meditation, focus sounds & aromas, a warm up journalling session with different journalling techniques and the visual self reflection tool; the Wheel of Life. This is a fun, dynamic and interactive personal development workshop, providing a new perspective on 10 main areas of your life. The session allows for a space and confidential space as the participants are individually self-assessing where they're currently at and where they would like to be in each area in approximately 3 months time. This active reflection activity encourages new neural pathway connections, therefore encouraging healthier habits and the personalised coaching plan at the end, helps the participants to establish a system on how they feel they can reach their desired scores.

What my clients say


"I have been taking part in Tierney's practice Health Coaching sessions and I have found it has evolved my thinking and it has been a throughly nurturing self discovery for me. My mindset around food and eating habits has transformed and improved massively. Our sessions allow me to learn new beneficial techniques and we map out an implementation plan that is achievable. Tierney is a sensational coach who took the time to understand me and provide a programme that works for my needs. I highly recommend!"

Vibhuti Pandya


"I decided to take part in Tierney's Health Coaching sessions in hopes of taking some benefits and tools for obsessive behaviour and PTSD and gain some control over my emotional state. During this time I've been able to put my session study into practice in a way that really worked for me, Tierney  is a calm professional and informative lady and put me at ease in any conversation I had with her. In the moths of sessions I've had I'm feeling a lot happier have more sense of self and would definitely recommend health coaching sessions to everyone they really help keeping u accountable to your needs."

Katie Alldis

Daisy Malin


"Over the past 3 months I have taken part in Tierney’s Health Coaching sessions. I have not only found it helpful for my lockdown mindset but I have learnt new things about myself. Tierney is kind & considerate and has really helped me deal with the daily problems I face. I have struggled with eczema since I was a child but the breathing techniques and dietary changes have helped me handle my emotions & stress linked to eczema. During the sessions I felt comfortable and open to chat to Tierney with her kind open nature and left feeling overall positive about what the future holds!"

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