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Meet Tierney

About Let's Go Back To Basics

Let’s Go Back to Basics is a brand, group, community & Health Coaching service that inspires us all to get back to the basic needs of ourselves, the systems of our societies & the world that we are currently living in today. 

Lets Go Back To Basics stands for the need of each individual to prioritise their own health first, which then has a positive ripple effect on the wider human collective. 

What started off as a personal quote on my social media profile, then developed into a Facebook group, which I created at the start of lockdown 2020. This helped a lot of people feel hopeful and created a community feel. 

I had recently began my Health Coaching course with CNM, so the first aim for the group was to create supportive community, awareness of the change in my career and most importantly to help keep me accountable throughout my studies.

I offer one-to-one sessions virtually with a minimum of 4 sessions. This is to ensure the best results for the both of us. Please check out my packages page for more details and pricing.

I am here to help you get back to the basics needs of yourself, providing you with a safe space, accountability, tools, knowledge and inspiration to help you feel restored and reignited. This will not only impact your life but everyone in your life and everyone you cross paths with.

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