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Group Sessions

Bringing us together.

All Hands In

Group Workshop

I offer group workshops for wellness retreats, corporate teams, school groups and community groups, with an aim to improve focus and create equilibrium in all areas of your life. The workshop is 90 minutes and features an ice-breaker, focused attention meditation, focus sounds & aromas, a warm up journalling session with different journalling techniques and the visual self reflection tool; the Wheel of Life. This is a fun, dynamic and interactive personal development workshop, providing a new perspective on 10 main areas of your life. The participants individually self-assess and can openly discuss if they wish, feeling seen, heard and empowered by the end of the session. The active reflection activities encourages new neural pathway connections, encouraging healthier habits and the personalised coaching plan at the end, helps the participants to establish a system on how they feel they can reach their desired scores and future vision.

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